Raw yogurt (for about 350ml yogurt)

- 2 cups of nuts/seeds soaked over night and drained of water

- 280-300 ml cold water

1. Mix the nuts with water in a blender until you obtain a creamy composition. Some types of nuts will need a larger quantity of water (300 ml), other less (280 ml).

2. Strain the cream through a clean cloth / gauze. This is the hardest part of the recipe: you will have to press very well to eliminate all the milk in the pulp.


3. Poor the resulted milk in the clean jar. Cover the jar mouth with a clean cloth or gauze.

4. Leave the jar in a warm place for 12 hours (I left it on the table near the heater). I advice you to do this in the evening just to have the yogurt early in the morning.

5. After this time you must obtain the yogurt. Put the jar in the fridge for a few hours for the yogurt to harden.

6. After this time, pick with a spoon all the yogurt from the jar (be very careful not to mix the yogurt with the whey!) and transfer it in to other jar clean and dry. Keep it in the fridge.


- I have made almonds yogurt but next time I will try nuts or pistachio!

- usually the yogurt is thick but mine was thinner because it got mixed with the whey.

- I served it with mango puree.