About us

If you’re asking yourself where you arrived, we are more then happy to welcome you to a Different life!

We are people who try to change the way they live into better.

We don’t pretend to be perfect and we are all aware that we didn’t invent the wheel it was long before invented, but we do know that we are trying to make a change in our lives accepting the possibilities we have.


Planet Organic shares its wisdom to all of you trying to reach out for balance and go back to the beginning and co-exist with nature.

Our Vision: Your life will be different!

Our Mission: TO BE in harmony with our Planet and The Universe!


Choose Planet Organic and you will enjoy health, vitality and positive energy.

Planet Organic offers you natural, bio and organic products and assists you to discover the specified products and their benefits for your body, mind and soul.

We are presenting you the opportunity to create your own organic kitchen, this, on your path of a different way of life – a healthier and happier one!


Did you ever think about the importance of certain factors and circumstances in your life? Regardless of the way life is heading we are constantly trying to improve our lives and maintain our health while satisfying our needs.


The first step – acceptance;

Being aware of the changes that we must make to improve our lives is the most important step we have to make towards starting a new life.


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Mohandas Gandhi


Here at Planet Organic Romania we are combining proven science, ancient natural treatments and healthy food for a different lifestyle. The times have changed, we are overwhelmed with all new technology, stressed by the noise, pollution, short time, large amount of information and so on; it all depends on us how we manage our bodies and minds and how we choose to live.


After having accepted that change is needed we must ACT. And to make this second step we have decided to help you, as other helped and showed us how we could be better, by presenting you a large variety of products and a new beginning that defiantly will change your life.


As Gandhi said, we must know what is there really to value and which our great wealth is. Health and wellbeing should prime and for this, one must know that as we grow up our bodies age and to be able to absorb the best from life we need to offer special attention to each aspect starting from diet and nutrition – for our inner and outer vitality and energy, up to the way our bodies are being taken care of (bath, relaxation, moisturize, maintain, etc)