Banana Pancakes (for about 2-3 pancakes)

- 3 ripe bananas
- 1-2 tbs. of lemon juice (prevents the darkening of the bananas)



1. The bananas are peeled and sliced. Put them in the blender together with the lemon juice and mix them until it results a homogenized cream.
2. You put a baking sheet in to the drying machine. You divide the composition in 2-3 parts and poor it on to the baking sheet. You trim it with a palette to have an even layer but not too thin because you risk obtaining chips and not a pancake!
3. You dry it until your pancake comes off the sheet easily (8-10 hours). You might obtain some dried edges but the middle will be flexible and smooth.
4. You store it in bags to prevent drying. Consume it right away or in maximum 1-2 days.
I served them with strawberries sauce (frozen strawberries mixed with agave syrup) and chocolate sauce (cocoa, water, maple syrup) but, you can serve as well with fresh fruits or ice-cream. They are delicious!